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Advance Planning for Future MBA Applicants

Advance Planning for Future MBA Applicants

If you are planning to apply to business school in the coming years and wondering what you can do now to increase your chances of success at application time, Gatehouse Admissions can help you leverage the one thing you have above all else: time! From creating a schedule for completing specific tasks to suggesting strategies to fortify your candidacy, your Consultant will be your mentor, coach, and sounding board so that by the time you begin your applications, you will be more than ready.

As a client of our Advance Planning for Future Applicants service, you will receive five hours of your Consultant’s time. How you allocate that time depends on your individual needs, but clients typically approach it as follows:

  • An Advance Planning session focused on both your candidacy as it currently stands and the ideal state of your candidacy at application time. The goal of this session is to identify to-dos as they relate to your future MBA application and to establish a timeline for execution.
  • A midyear Check-In to assess the progress you have made on your timeline and to revise your tasks as necessary.
  • Ad Hoc Advice Sessions to discuss pressing matters such as potential job changes and leadership opportunities.
  • Ongoing email and phone support as desired (and time permitting) for general counsel and mentorship.

Note: Advance Planning for Future Applicants clients who decide to purchase Gatehouse’s Full Support service within the subsequent application year and with the same Consultant will receive a $500 credit toward their purchase.