Interview Training and Mock Session - Harvard (HBS)

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Congratulations! It is a big achievement to be selected for an interview with Harvard Business School. It is also a critical component of the school's final decision on your candidacy.

The HBS interview is like no other MBA admissions interview. Your HBS interviewer will come in well-educated about you, your application, and your overall candidacy. The questions are unpredictable:  each interviewer is different; each applicant is different; and therefore, each flow is different. Yet, even with these uncertainties, you can prepare effectively.  

While everyone at Gatehouse has been trained in the HBS interview process, there is nothing like doing a mock session with someone who has been in the room. Brooke Wheelan, former Associate Director of Admissions at Harvard Business School, has conducted over 1,000 HBS interviews during her tenure. Now as part of the Gatehouse Admissions team, she coaches candidates via mock HBS interview sessions. 

For your HBS Interview Training and Mock Session, Brooke will:

- Review your entire application and get to know your candidacy through the material you submitted

- Conduct a 30-minute virtual interview, simulating HBS' interview approach

- Provide you thorough feedback, strategies on how to improve, and insights gleaned from her 13 years as part of the HBS admissions team

Subsequent mock sessions can be added on.