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Hourly Support Services

Hourly Support Services

With Gatehouse Admissions’ Hourly Support service, you have complete control over how the time your Consultant spends on your application is allocated.

Your Consultant will track all minutes spent working on your candidacy, including discussing essay topics and strategy, reviewing and/or editing essays, and responding to questions via email. Your Consultant will regularly apprise you of how much time they have spent on each task and how many minutes you have left. After you purchase a minimum of two hours, you can then add additional time in single-hour increments.

As you consider which Gatehouse service might be best for you, keep in mind that our Full Support service is priced to reflect the total amount of time our Consultants typically invest in an application. If you desire a similar level of support but are contemplating purchasing Hourly Support instead, you should expect to purchase at least the equivalent in stand-alone hours. The Hourly Support service is most cost effective for candidates seeking very targeted, one-time assistance with just part of their total application.

Initial Hourly Package (2 hours) $1,050
Incremental Single Hour (1 hour) $525
5-Hour Bundle $2,500
Initial Hourly Package with Founder or Ex Adcom (2 hours) $1,200
Incremental Single Hour with Founder or Ex Adcom (1 hour) $600
5-Hour Bundle with Founder or Ex Adcom $2,750