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Waitlist or Further Consideration Support

Waitlist or Further Consideration Support

Business schools regularly use waitlists to keep promising candidates in play and maintain the option of accepting them later in the season, so if you are on a program’s waitlist (or have received notification of “Further Consideration” from Harvard Business School), know that the school is very much interested in you.

Staying appropriately engaged with the school and its community during this interim time can be the key to transitioning from the waitlist to the accepted list. Business schools are generally open to receiving updates from waitlisted applicants on how they have strengthened their candidacy since applying, and Gatehouse Admissions can help you determine the most promising areas for improvement and how best to communicate your efforts and accomplishments to the school in your update.

As a client of our Waitlist or Further Consideration Support service, you will receive the following:

  • A brief assessment of any potential red flags or gaps in your candidacy and a discussion of how to mitigate or fix them
  • Strategic guidance and two rounds of feedback on your written update to the school

Note: This service should require approximately two hours of your Consultant’s time. If you would like to request additional reviews or submit more than one update, or if you feel you would benefit from more guidance, you can purchase extra time with your Consultant through our Hourly Support service.